1920s, Adaptation, Drama, German, Silent Era

Pandora’s Box.

Some images of silent era actress Louise Brooks in the German 1929 silent film ‘Pandora’s Box’ based on Frank Wedekind’s plays Erdgeist (Earth Spirit, 1895) and Die Büchse der Pandora (1904).Directed by Austrian filmmaker Georg Wilhelm Pabst, the film also starred Fritz Kortner and Francis Lederer. Brooks’ portrayal of a seductive, thoughtless young woman whose raw sexuality and uninhibited nature bring ruin to herself and those who love her, although initially unappreciated, eventually made the actress a star.

The film is notable for its lesbian subplot in the attraction of Countess Augusta Geschwitz (in some prints Anna) played by Belgian actress Alice Roberts, to Lulu. The character of Geschwitz is defined by her masculine look, as she wears a tuxedo. Roberts resisted the idea of playing a lesbian.