1910s, Drama, Russia, Silent Era

The Dying Swan.

‘The Dying Swan’ a Russian film from 1917 directed by Yevgeni Bauer it tells the story of an artist who strangles a ballerina it was a take on the Russian ballet of the same name ‘The Dying Swan’  a solo choreographed by Mikhail Fokine in 1905 to Camille Saint-Saëns’s Le Cygne from Le Carnaval des animaux as a pièce d’occasion for the ballerina Anna Pavlova, who performed it about 4,000 times.

Directed by Bauer and written by Zoya Barantsevich it starred Vera Karali, Aleksandr Kheruvimov, Vitold Polonsky, Andrej Gromov and Perestiani.