1930s, Drama

Miss Wieck & Baby LeRoy.

A screen still of the 1934 film ‘Miss Fane’s Baby is Stolen’ with Dorothea Wieck in only a handful of English language roles, she¬†was assigned to the project after Carole Lombard declined the role. Also is Baby LeRoy who played to stolen son.


1900s, Edwardian Stage, England, Victorian Stage

Maidie Andrews

Maidie Andrews (1893-1986) A child star who made her professional stage debut shortly before her 10th birthday – as Master Sterling in “The Climbers” at the Comedy Theatre on 5th September 1903.

1930s, Drama, Fashion, Historical, Romance

The Butler Family Outing.

Strolling through Atlanta - Gone With the Wind: The Butler Family out for an afternoon stroll: Gone With the Wind:

‘Gone with the wind’ an absolute classic and that is no exaggeration to say and I cannot say how many times I have watched this movie since I first saw it on a grey raining Saturday afternoon when I was eleven years old some fifty years after it was first released in 1939 here we see the Butler family on a little walk around town.