1920s, Drama, Greta Garbo, Historical, Romance, Silent Era

Garbo & Gilbert

Greta Garbo and John Gilbert on the set of the silent film “Love” in 1927.

1920s, Silent Era

History Of The Bathing Suit As Demonstrated by Ms Sebastian.

Photoplay (Dec 1927)

Dorothy Sebastian
“Are We Returning to Eve?
Order in the class-room. The subject of today’s lecture is the history of the bathing suit, illustrated by Dorothy Sebastian. When Eve went swimming, she wore long hair and a sad expression. The 1898 girl tried to swim in a high-necked gingham outfit with long pantaloons. It couldn’t be done, so Miss 1900 romped in taffeta rompers. The girl of 1927 wears a one-piece suit of jersey, and when she swims, she swims.”

1920s, Fashion, Silent Era

Ms Swanson in photoplay.

Photoplay (Dec 1927)

Gloria Swanson
“Those glad, mad, carefree days of old. Gloria Swanson, in a comic bathing suit, hasn’t a trouble in the world. And Marie Prevost is wearing on of the first one-piece suits seen in California. When this picture was taken, Mack Sennett was their boss, and $100 a week was their ambition.”