1900s, Drama, Edwardian Stage, Victorian Stage

Nina De Silva.

Born in 1868 the daughter of Chilean consort Don Ramon de Silva Ferro with the birth name Angelita Helena Margarita de Silva Ferro , in 1889 she married her fellow actor Sir John Martin Harvey.


“The Taming of the Shrew.”
By Shakespeare.
Produced at the Prince of Wales’s Theatre, May 10. 1913.

It was announced that “The Taming of the Shrew” would be presented “in a new way.” It was, and in a very artistic and entertaining way, too! The Elizabethan atmosphere that pervaded the performance lent an unaccustomed aspect to the play. The small amount of scenery used was a noticeable feature of the production, yet it sufficed. When a change of scene was required screens were run on the stage by attendants. But the scenes used, and the costumes, were a feast for the eye. From a semi-circular chair in the orchestra well, Christopher Sly, in the fine robes of the Court, witnessed the play, which he frequently interrupted with amusing comments.

Mr. Martin Harvey and Miss N. de Silva were loudly applauded for their representations of Petruchio and Katharina respectively, and all the other characters were in very good hands. The costumes were designed by Mr. George Kruger. The stage decorations were painted by Mr. George J. Dodson, and for much of the “artistic atmosphere” Mr. William Poel was responsible.


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