1900s, Comedy, Silent Era

Going To Bed Under Difficulties.

Le Déshabillage impossible, released in the United States asGoing to Bed Under Difficulties and in the United Kingdom asAn Increasing Wardrobe, is a 1900 French short silent comedy film, directed by Georges Méliès. In the film, a man attempts to undress so he can go to sleep.

A man in a hotel room wants to sleep for the night. He takes off his suit (placing it on a clothing rack) and his trousers (placing them on a chair), but then finds himself wearing a coat and hat that have appeared magically. The man removes them, but a new hat and a plaid pair of trousers appear in their places. He removes these clothes as well; this process repeats, with the man undoing each addition of clothing with more and more agitation.

The end of the film is lost; according to a contemporary catalogue description, the man’s attempt to undress ends with him rolling about on the floor and on the bed, and finally collapsing in an epileptic fit.


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