1910s, Adaptation, Drama, Historical, Silent Era

Ramona (1910)

Ramona a short dramatic film directed by D.W.Griffith was based on the 1884 novel of the same name by Helen Hunt Jackson, the screenplay written by Stanner E.V. Taylor and the film ran for just seventeen minutes distributed by Biography Company and cinematographer was G.W.Bitzer and their cast was no less impressive with Mary Pickford in the title role alongside Henry B. Walthall as Alessandro, Francis J Grandon as Felipe, Kate Bruce as the Mother and What. Christie Miller and an appearance from a young Jack Pickford brother of Mary his role simply credited as ‘A Boy’.


Ramona chronicles the romance between Ramona, a Spanish orphan from the prestigious Moreno family, and Alessandro, an Indian who appears on her family’s ranch one day. They fall deeply in love, yet their desire to wed is denied by Ramona’s stepmother, who reacts by exiling Alessandro from her ranch. He returns to his village, only to find that it has been demolished by white men. Meanwhile, Ramona is informed that she also has “Indian blood”, which causes her to abandon everything she has to be with her lover, Alessandro.


They marry, and live among the wreckage of Alessandro’s devastated village. They don’t stay long, however, as the white men come back again and again to force them further from their new home. All of this is too much on Alessandro, and he perishes as Ramona is rescued by Felipe and returned to her family back on the ranch.


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