1900s, Comedy, Edwardian Stage, England, Musical

Introducing Mr Coyne and Miss Elsie.

Stage actors Joseph Coyne  an American well known for his leading roles in Edwardian theatre and Egkish actress Lily Elsie in a promotional shot for the 1909 musical ‘ The Dollar Princess’ shown at the Daly’s Theatre in London it premiered on September 25th 1909.

In late Victorian and Edwardian Britain, “Dollar Princess” was the nickname given to American heiresses. Playgoer and Society Illustratedwrote, “To the average playgoer there is something very attractive in watching the antics of the vulgar when surrounded by the refinement of art which he can neither understand nor appreciate…. Miss Lily Elsie, as Alice, shows even an improvement on her performance in The Merry Widow. The inimitable Mr. Joseph Coyne has put a lot more into his part than was possible on the first night…. He is great! His American accent is a thing to listen to….”


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