1900s, Comedy, Edwardian Stage, England, Musical

Havana Cast.

The cast of Havana: Lawrence Grossmith, Julia James, Daisy Williams, Connie Stuart, Chrissie Bell, Frances Kapstone, Kitty Lindley, Phyllis Barker and Gladys Cooper. Photo for the ‘Play Pictorial’

Havana is an Edwardian musical comedy in three acts, with a book byGeorge Grossmith, Jr. and Graham Hill, music by Leslie Stuart, lyrics by Adrian Ross and additional lyrics by George Arthurs. It premiered on 25 April 1908 at the Gaiety Theatre, London, starring Evie Greene as Consuelo, W. H. Berry as Reginald Brown, Lawrence Grossmith as Don Adolfo and Mabel Russell as Pepita. A young Gladys Cooper was in the chorus.

The production ran for 221 performances before touring the provinces. It also soon played in Berlin, Germany. An American production played at the Casino Theatre in New York after a Philadelphia tryout, with revisions by its star, James T. Powers.This production was staged by Ned Wayburn and ran from 11 February 1909 to 25 September 1909 for a total of 236 performances.


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