1940s, Greta Garbo

Garbo Screen Test.

All right at this point I should confess that I have a massive crush on Greta Garbo, is it right to have a crush on a woman older than my Grandparents (well not my Paternal Grandfather but he was a lot older than my Grandmother) anyway she died when I was four years old I’m going to ignore the rights and wrongs and go along with it and if time travel is ever is invented I’m going back to be a Garbo groupie.

This is unique footage taken of a screen test Garbo did in 1949 for a film that would never materialise unfortunately but watch this video its just a few minutes and you will see how expressive her face is without actually doing much there are times her face is blank and expressionless and you wonder what is she thinking where is she going to go from here, and then she smiles enough said there really.


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