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Remembering The Great Garbo.

On April 15th 1990 in New York twenty six years ago today an eighty four year old Greta Garbo died, many would think that with her death then her mystique would end with her but how wrong that theory that is still today she burns as bright as she did when she was gracing the screen at MGM when she was an in demand actress.

Queen Christina:

Garbo as Queen Christina of Sweden.

I was very young when I first discovered my love and fascination for old Hollywood something I inherited from my Grandmother but while I grew up in the nineties and early naughties having to watch teen comedies with actors in their thirties playing eighteen year olds I cringed at those I hated them acting so wooden I could make a cabinet out of them if I had any carpentry skills.

I won’t lie and say that all modern cinema is repugnant to me there are many that I watch avidly they remind me of those stars who long since have ruled Hollywood and still leave their giant shadows where many today cannot fill I will confess that Eva Green is my favourite modern actress she has this mystique and a face that I must keep watching, but this post isn’t about her it’s about Garbo.


Garbo in 1925.

I had discovered old Hollywood a little while before I had ever set eyes on Garbo but I remember that first meeting I was about nine years old the film in question was ‘Camille’ which saw Garbo paired with Robert Taylor, the moment Garbo entered the screen and I set eyes on her for the first time it felt as though I had fallen in love I couldn’t take my eyes from that woman and in everything I’ve seen since it’s been the same.

CAMILLE<3<3<3 probably my Favorite Greta Garbo movie. She was the geratest Marguerite Gautier! I bet Even Sarah Bernard Would have been fascinated:

Garbo with Robert Taylor in ‘Camille’

Yes she is gone but she lives on and will never be forgotten the little Swedish Greta Lovisa Gustafsson born in Sweden into a poor family who left school at such a young age to support her family and found herself thrust into the bright lights of Hollywood where she found soon after arriving she hated.

“One day, she’s like a child, naïve, like a ten years old girl. The next day, she’s mysterious woman 100 years old, who knows anything, tired of entire world, profound” John Gilbert on Greta Garbo



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