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Screen Sisters.

A few Sisters who both graced the stage and screen as actresses.

Olivia De Havilland and Joan Fontaine are the only siblings to have won lead acting Academy Awards.:

Olivia de Havilland and Joan Fontaine.

Olivia de Havilland (1/7/1916, Tokyo, Japan) and Joan Fontaine (22/10/1917, Tokyo, Japan-15/12/2013, California) they were the daughters of Walter Augustus de Havilland a British patent attorney who became professor of Law at Waseda University and was one of the first Westerners to play the game of Go at a high level. Their mother was a British actress named Lillian Fontaine though Fontaine was the name of her second husband she was born Lillian Rose.


1925 Constance Bennett and Joan Crawford:

Constance and Joan Bennett

Constance Campbell Bennett (22/10/1904, New York City-24/7/1965, New Jersey) and Joan Geraldine Bennett (27/2/1910, New Jersey-7/12/1990, New York) they were the daughters of Richard Bennett an actor and his second wife actress and literary agent Adrienne Morrison, Adrienne herself was the daughter of another actor named Lewis Morrison (1844-1906) his first wife and Adrienne’s mother Rose Wood was an English actress they also had another sister slightly less known dancer and actress named Barbara Jane who had been born in 1906 she was the middle sister and possible the most troubled she died by her own hand on August 8th 1958 in Montreal, Canada Bennett died after what the media described as an unidentified “long illness” in Montreal.Over the course of her life, Bennett attempted suicide four times. As the circumstances surrounding herself were vague and Bennett’s sister Joan refused to discuss the details of her death, rumors arose that Bennett had finally succeeded in ending her life. In her 1982 memoirs Lulu In Hollywood, longtime friend and actress Louise Brooks wrote of Bennett, “Barbara made a career of her emotions. Periods of work or marriage were terminated by her frightening, abandoned laughter of despair and failure. Only her death, in 1958, achieved in her fifth suicide attempt, could be termed a success.”

Lillian & Dorothy Gish:

Lillian and Dorothy Gish

Lillian Diana Gish (October 14, 1893, Ohio – February 27, 1993, New York) and Dorothy Elizabeth Gish (March 11, 1898, Ohio – June 4, 1968, Italy) they were the daughters of James Leigh Gish (1872–1912) (who was of German Lutheran descent).and Mary Robinson McConnell herself an American actress.

The American Film Institute named Lillian Gish 17th among the greatest female stars of Classic American cinema. She was awarded an Honorary Academy Award in 1971, and in 1984 she received an AFI Life Achievement Award. Gish, an American icon, was also awarded in the Kennedy Center Honors.

“Dorothy was much more talented than I am because she had wit. She could make people laugh. And they said I was as funny as a baby’s open grave. I couldn’t make people laugh, but Dorothy could make them cry and laugh, so therefore she was the better actress than I was.”—Lillian Gish

Georgiana Emma Drew (11/7/1856, Philadelphia-2/7/1893, California) and Louisa Lane Drew both actresses they were the daughters of John Drew an Irish American stage actor and his wife Louisa Lane an English born stage actress who had been married twice before she married Drew and had her children all four Drew siblings, there were also two brothers were actors.

Georgiana was the first wife of fellow actor Maurice Barrymore and the mother of Lionel, Ethel and John Barrymore, she is as a result the great Grandfather of actress Drew Barrymore.

Dolores Costello with her sister Helene Costello:

Dolores and Helene Costello

Dolores Costello (September 17, 1903,Pittsburgh – March 1, 1979, California) and Helene Costello (June 21, 1906, New York – January 26, 1957, California) they were the daughters of actor Maurice Costello a prominent American vaudeville actor of the late 1890s and early 1900s, who later played a principal role in early American films, as both a leading man, supporting player and a director.and his first wife Mae Altschuk an American stage actress.

Dolores was the third wife of actor John Barrymore it was her second and final marriage and they are the Grandparents to actress Drew Barrymore, Helene was married four times and divorced four times.

vestatilleys: “ Phyllis and Zena Dare, 1900′s. ”:

Phyllis and Zena Dare

Florence Hariette Zena Dones (4 February 1887, Chelsea, London – 11 March 1975, London) and Phyllis Constance Haddie Dones (15 August 1890, Chelsea, London – 27 April 1975 Brighton, England) they were the daughters of Arthur Albert Dones a divorce clerk and his wife Harriette Amelia Wheeler, they were child actresses to begun with on the Victorian stage before becoming popular on stage as adults neither ever married and nor did they had any children but remained close through their lives so close that when Zena died Phyllis followed six weeks later.

Loretta Young with her sisters Sally Blane, Polly Anne Young, and Georgiana Young:

Sally Blane, Loretta Young, Polly Ann Young and Georgiana Young.

Elizabeth Jane Young (Sally Blane) (July 11, 1910, Colorado – August 27, 1997, California), Polly Ann Young (October 25, 1908, Colorado – January 21, 1997, California), Gretchen Young (Loretta Young)  (January 6, 1913, Utah – August 12, 2000, California) and their half sister Georgiana Young all worked as actresses in Hollywood, Loretta famously having a affair with co-star Clark Gable and secretly having his child.



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