Flesh and the Devil was a 1926 MGM romantic drama silent film directed by the legendary Clarence Brown, based on a piece by the German dramatist and novelist Herman Sudermann called “The Underying Past” and starred Greta Garbo, John Gilbert, Lars Hanson and Barbara Kent.


John Gilbert – Leo von Harden

Greta Garbo – Felicitas von Rhaden

Lars Hanson – Ulrich von Eltz

Barbara Kent – Hertha

William Orlamond – Uncle Kutowski

George Fawcett – Pastor Voss

Eugenie Besserer – Leo’s Mother

Marc McDermott – Count von Rhaden

Marcelle Corday – Minna uncredited 

Max Barwyn – Ball Guest

Philippe De Lacy– Leo as a Boy

Polly Moran – Woman with Bouquet

Cecilia Parker – Twin at Ball and the Church

Linda Parker – Twin at Ball and the Church

Russ Powell – Family Retainer w/Flag

Carl ‘Major’ Roup – Train Station Vendor

Rolfe Sedan – Women’s Hat Salesman

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Flesh And The Devil.


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