1920s, Silent Era

Monte Blue


Gerald Blue Montgomery.

Rose from an orphan at the Knightstown Soldiers and Sailors Home to become an internationally famous silent film star. He was the leading man in Orphans of the Storm with the Gish sisters. Co-starred with Gloria Swanson, Clara Bow, Florence Vidor, Marie Prevost and others. After sound, he became a character actor mostly for Warner Brothers and was very busy appearing in over 250 films.

1920s, Hepburn

Hepburn Family.

Katherine Hepburn in a 1921 family photograph with her parents Dr Thomas Hepburn and Katherine Houghton, and her siblings Richard, Robert, Marion and Margaret an older brother Tom had died just before this photograph was taken in 1921, On April 3, 1921, while visiting friends in Greenwich Village,  Katherine Hepburn discovered the body of her adored older brother, Tom, dead from an apparent suicide. He had tied a sheet around a beam and hanged himself. The Hepburn family denied it was suicide and maintained that Tom’s death must have been an experiment that had gone wrong, he was just sixteen years old, it may be worth noting here that their maternal Grandfather Alfred Augustus Houghton committed suicide in 1892.